Our Experienced Consultants

Loyd Tuttle A founder of PCI in1981 with geology and paleontology degrees from the University of Oklahoma and the experience background of being an exploration geologist and paleontologist with Texaco Inc. working as a Special Projects Geologist, Assistant Regional Paleontologist, Regional Paleontologist and Geologic Laboratory Supervisor. Loyd was also Senior Paleontologist and Paleo Laboratory Supervisor for Trinidad Tesoro after a buy out from BP in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. 

Bob Liska graduated in geology from San Diego State University. He was employed by Texaco Inc. as a surface and subsurface geologist in western North America, and by Texaco International in South America and Caribbean. He became a paleontologist and stratigrapher working Cretaceous to Recent faunas in Latin America, and West Africa. Bob has worked Cretaceous and younger forams in the Gulf Coast and foreign basins for Paleo Control, since 1988. Bob has previously worked as Laboratory Director for the geological laboratories in Bogota Colombia and Pointe-a-Pierre, in Trinidad West Indies.

Jim Thorpe is the Office and field manager for Paleo Control, Inc. and has a degree in economics from Texas A&M University and studied geology and paleontology at the University of Houston. Jim served 11 years as an officer in the military and has 19 years experience working with Tertiary foraminifera in Texas and Southwest Louisiana.