Download a copy of these instructions Here:

Sample Collecting Instructions

PCI recommends that all sample collecting personnel receive a copy of the sample collecting instructions.

1. Catch 30 foot samples for drilling rates over 30 feet per hour.
15 foot sample for drilling rates below 25 feet per hour
10 foot sample for drilling rates below 10 feet per hour

2. Samples representative of the complete interval drilled are preferred. If possible devise a method to collect continuous samples such as a bucket or trough board below the shaker.

3. Collected sample should be rinsed fairly clean of drilling fluids. A 40-60 mesh screen or a store bought fine tea strainer will assist with the collecting and rinsing of mud samples in a small bucket. Really fine cuttings may require an 80 mesh screen.
Water base samples should be lightly water rinsed to remove most of the drilling fluids.
Oil base samples require a light rinsing in charcoal starter, kerosene, diesel etc.

4.  Collect enough clean samples to fill a 7 inch cloth sample bag over 1/2 full. Minimum size must exceed 200 cubic centimeters or a full 8 ounce cup.

5.  Place cuttings in a cloth or similar sample bag with a draw string and plastic liner. Keep the cloth bag clean and dry especially of oil base mud, kerosene or diesel fuel.

6.  Keep the cloth bag clean and dry and labeled with a waterproof marker or marks-a-lot.

7.  Twist or tie the top of the plastic liner and secure the top of the cloth bag.

Shipment of Samples

1.  Individual containers should not exceed 25 pounds.

2.  Samples should be placed in waterproof and leak proof plastic bags or containers.

3.  Shipments should be double labeled on the outside with the well name and sample interval plus the full address and phone number of the receiver.

4.  Notify Paleo Control of deliveries and the expected time of arrival.

Sample quality is essential to good Paleo

Let PCI be in contact with those responsible for collecting samples. We like to work with them to establish a good working relationship to provide the best quality samples and fast delivery.