Paleo Coordination
A service freely provided for our clients

Contact PCI when you have any questions about paleo. We will help determine the most efficient, cost effective ways to achieve your goals. Let us know your problems and needs and we will let you know how paleo may obtain your objectives.

We know the history and applications of older data and how to integrate it into your data base. We have services to evaluate other paleo information and paleo from unknown sources. We are here for your success.

Paleo Analysis, Evaluation and Coordination

Coordinating and correlating new and old paleo data, environments and deposition onto well logs.

Paleo is like all other sciences with continuous improvements in knowledge and applications. There were around 36 foram index forams in use for the Tertiary before the 1960s. Today we have more than 250 forams. Paleoenvironments were not in common use in the Gulf Coast area until after the mid 1960s. Today, depositional environments are a very important part of the Gulf Coast Tertiary geology. Make sure paleo data is viable and reliable. Never trust paleo notes on well logs.

Drilling wells and Samples

Well cuttings and timely information are our bread and butter.

PCI is available 24 hours 7 days a week.

Our objective is to provide timely services and information. Samples can be routinely delivered or hotshot to PCI or we can arrange for sample pick up and delivery.

Sample Quality is essential For Good Paleo

PCI recommends that all sample collecting personnel receive a copy of the sample collecting instructions.

We like to be in contact with those responsible for collecting samples. We will work with them to establish a working relationship to provide the best quality samples and efficient delivery.

Bottom Hole Checks
3 hour turn around time

Drilling wells often require expeditious sample examination to pick casing points and drilling decisions. Such activities may be handled by hot shot deliveries in to PCI or by on site sample work. PCI routinely examines the bottom 6 samples or more if necessary.

File Paleo and Databases
Over 4000 wells in onshore Texas and Southwest Louisiana
All available data is post 1977.

All PCI data contains paleoenvironments and many were a part of our 15 regional and semi-regional paleo studies.

Many older wells have been reworked since 1977 and we are prepared and able to locate samples on older wells in order to examine and update their paleo.

All available paleo is organized and will be listed by County and Parish with API numbers, sample ranges and TD.                                                                       
Individual County and Parish maps are being prepared with all paleo well control spotted.

Data bases are also being prepared to display specific ages such as:
Middle and Lower Miocene, Anahuac-Upper Frio 
Camerina-Miogypsina, Middle Frio, Lower Frio-Vicksburg
Jackson-Yegua-Upper Cook Mountain, Weches to Cretaceous 
Upper, Middle and Lower Wilcox

Check with us on your areas of interest. We are always ready to start a new study.